What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are nature’s unique nursery inside the human body.  Stem cells are responsible for stimulating the growth and development of all our unique organs, tissue and bones from infancy to old age.  But as we move through maturity, and past child bearing age, we no longer need the massive supplies of stem cells we enjoyed in our youth.

By age 50 we only have a fraction of the stem cells that we had as teenagers.  What we commonly refer to as aging is mostly due to our loss of stem cells, resulting in the body’s tissue and organs no longer receiving the same regenerative benefits of our previously massive stem cell supply.

Can I Just Take Stem Cell Pills?

No, it’s not the stem cells themselves that regenerate tissue, it is a unique and complex series of ‘growth factors’  stimulated by your stem cells that the body needs in order to grow, heal or regenerate tissue.  Different types of stem cells produce different types of ‘growth factors’ for the many thousands of unique needs within your body.

Your skin’s aging is primarily the result of your body’s natural lowering supply of stem cells.

Can I Just Use A Skin Care Product That Contains Stem Cells?

In a word, No. Your skin doesn’t respond to the stem cells themselves, what your skin needs are specific ‘growth factors’ that stem cells produce.

So I’m Looking for Growth Factors, Not Stem Cells?

Yes, but not just any ‘growth factors’.  You are looking for very specific ‘growth factors’. Ones that have been precisely derived from stem cells, and are uniquely formulated to stimulate skin regeneration.

So What Kind of Facial Skin Care Should I Use?

Clinical results show that correctly formulated skin care products containing the proper ‘growth factors’ will benefit anyone with visible signs of aging. The most significant visible improvements are seen in women with mature skin, especially if they also have sun damage.

Do Growth Factors Really Work?

Most studies find notable improvements in skin tone, texture and radiance. Growth factors using strong antioxidants tend to show results even sooner.

How Long, and How Often Should I Use a Growth Factor Skin Care Product?

If you are over 35, you probably need to boost your skin care regimen with active growth factors at least daily.  First you should select a skin serum that contains a reliable formula containing proven growth factors.

In order to be sure that your skin serum is working, test it for a minimum of six weeks, if you don’t get visible results, it probably isn’t working.

Once you are confident that your skin care product is working, then experiment with how much you are applying daily.  Different products vary in concentration levels, but generally you don’t need to apply as much as you may think.  Somewhere between two and four “pearl sized” drops morning and evening should be sufficient.

Is There Anything Else That I Need To Do?

Yes, very much so.  If you are using a skin serum with growth factors then you should be generating precious, delicate new skin. Consider a Two-Step skin regimen where the second step is also protective and contains antioxidants and retinol. It should also moisturize.  Wait a few minutes before you apply your normal makeup regimen.  If you are going to be out of doors use a minimum of SPF 30 at all times.

In addition, your skin health is vastly improved if you maintain a proper diet, exercise moderately, and stay hydrated at all times.  Click here for Advanced Skin Care Tips for Anti-Aging