Frequently Asked Questions


What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a master/”mother” cell found within various tissues of the body. Stem cells have the unique ability to replicate over and over, as well as differentiate into specialized cells and tissues such as muscle, cartilage, bone, nerve, etc. One very special population of stem cells has the ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissue at any site of injury in the body.

Do you actually have stem cells in your products?

The answer is no. Cells, including stem cells, have very active “social lives”, communicating with nearby cells by releasing special messenger proteins known as cytokines and growth factors. All cells except red blood cells “talk” to each other this way. We grow stem cells in the laboratory under conditions that mimic their native environment, which convinces them to produce and release these messenger molecules (bio-signals). We then filter out the cells and collect the bio-signals, which we use in topical formulations. Our products do not contain cells or cell parts.

What type of stem cells do you source for your cytokines?

TresViva sources what are known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells. These cells are harvested from donated bone marrow. Our bone marrow donors are strictly screened and are of a young, healthy demographic (Female/20-25 yrs. Old/Athletic). Only a small amount of bone marrow is required to extract the stem cells required for laboratory culture.

Why bone marrow stem cells? Are there other types of cells that release cytokines for topical application?

Multiple cell sources are used to extract cytokines for topical application. However, based on the medical literature, it is well documented that only one cell type is genetically programed to produce NATURAL healing, anti-aging bio-signals, and that is Bone Marrow Stem Cells. Some manufacturers culture cells from skin known as Fibroblasts. Although easy to get, easy to grow, and first to be used in skincare, Fibroblasts produce extremely WEAK signals for communication. Another type of cell commonly cultured Adipose (Fat derived) Stem Cells. We strongly discourage the use of this type of product, as the signals that Adipose Stem Cells give off are HIGHLY pro-inflammatory. Not what you want to use when you are trying to achieve an anti-aging objective. Bone Marrow Stem Cells are HIGHLY anti-inflammatory and the ideal source to use.

​How and why the skin ages?

Many factors come into play when it comes to skin aging, such as genetics, environment, diet, aggressive use of harsh skin care products, sun, etc. However, there is a theme that runs through all of these factors, and that is inflammation. Aging is basically a series of micro traumas and injuries at the cellular level that will, overtime, manifest as an aged appearance of the skin, such as wrinkles, age spots, loss of volume and a sagging effect. These micro traumas are mediated and controlled by inflammation. The true answer to achieving an anti-aging response in the skin is to control and reduce inflammation.

Is TresViva approved for all skin types?

Yes, TresViva is beneficial for all skin types and all skin concerns. Our products help treat “problem skin”, specific inflammatory conditions like hyper pigmentation or rosacea, environmental damage such as skin spots and anti-aging prevention. We believe everyone sees positive, often incredible results using AnteAGE.

Is the cytokine technology in the TresViva system, safe to use?

Absolutely. Years of published medical literature and data support the safety profile of cytokines for topical application. It is important to recognize that not all sources of cytokines are created equal and that is why we have narrowed in on our specific source of Bone Marrow Stem Cells. In the human body these cells are responsible for producing pro-healing and anti-inflammatory cytokine patterns required for optimal tissue healing and regeneration.

When will I see results?

Results are subjective. That being said, in multiple clinical trials, our participants using TresViva observed noticeable improvements in the appearance of their aging or inflamed skin in very short time periods, sometimes within a few days. We encourage using any skin care system for 90 days to properly assess its efficacy.

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