What is Anti-Aging?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the term: ’Anti-Aging’ has become so overused, it is now almost meaningless.

Can We Turn Back the Hands of Time?

Properly defined, Anti Aging means stopping the aging clock, and in some cases turning the clock back a little. But that doesn’t discourage those thousands of products that boldly display ‘Anti Aging’ among their many advertising claims.

For the record: Almost all of those claims are false.

If we aren’t paying careful attention, those few products that actually can reverse aging, even if only a little, may go completely unnoticed. These unique products employ some amazing 21st century science, and if you are interested, here’s how it’s done. To properly understand anti aging, we must first understand aging itself.

Understanding Skin Aging

Skin aging is primarily caused by the natural decline of your body’s stem cells.  As you age, your stem cell numbers go down, and your body produces less of the unique proteins that have always helped to keep your skin young and elastic.

Those proteins are also known as growth factors, when you have less of these growth factors your skin receives less regenerative growth, becomes easily dehydrated, and you start to notice the first signs of aging.

The combination of less growth factors, dehydration, sun and environmental exposure all work to age the skin even more, pretty soon your skin begins to loose its elasticity. By now the process of aging is well under way.

Since the aging process begins when you no longer have enough stem cells to support youthful skin, we have to turn to science for solutions.

Science Has Answers

The highly-specialized, natural growth factors that used to keep your skin young and healthy can be formulated under laboratory conditions, and then re-formulated into a skin care serum that you should apply to your face daily.

Even if your skin has already aged a little (or a lot), a skin care regimen rich in stem cell proteins can produce positive results in tone and texture, (over time you may even see improvements sun damaged as well).  Minor wrinkles and skin discoloration may also fade.

Expect to Be Impressed

This is not a miracle cure, but regardless of how much, or how little your skin has aged, expect to be impressed.

“Clinical results show that correctly formulated skin care products containing the proper ‘growth factors’ will benefit anyone with visible signs of facial aging… the most significant visible improvements are seen in women with mature skin…”

Yes You Can!

Yes, It is fair to say that among all the claims for anti aging, there are a few brands that have the science, and offer skin care products that can deliver some pretty impressive results!

Skin aging is primarily caused by the natural decline of your body’s stem cells.