We all want to look our best throughout the holiday season, but the added stress, loss of sleep, skipped exercise and change of eating habits, your skin can be left looking sallow and tired. The following are some tips to help your skin look healthy all through the season:

Stress can contribute or worsen psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions. While it is sometimes unavoidable during the holiday season, taking steps to manage stress, such as exercise, eating right or using relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga can help to make you feel more relaxed and may just improve the look of your skin as well.

Pay attention to what colors you are wearing.

If your skin is red and inflamed from acne or another skin condition, wearing red, pink or Burgundy may not be the best color to wear. When we view something, we automatically match similar colors, so when you are wearing red, the redness in your face will be more apparent. Choose a color that matches your eyes and people will be more drawn to looking at your eyes than at your skin.

If you are having a drink, choose red wine.

Red wine has been shown to have an antioxidant effect on the heart and it is said that if it is good for your heart, it is good for your skin. Whole over-drinking is never a good idea and may make your skin look worse in the long-run, a glass or two of red wine may help keep you looking younger.

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated helps your skin look better. Make sure you drink water throughout the day and if you are having a few drinks, increase the water you drink before going to bed and again the next day to avoid dry skin.

Avoid the temptation to go to bed without removing your make-up.

This can clog pores and oil glands and end up causing irritation and blemishes. Take a few minutes to clean off all of your make-up.

Exercise every day.

Not only is exercise a good stress reliever, it helps increase the oxygen to your skin and keep you looking younger.

Go through your cosmetics and get rid of those that have been sitting around too long.

Generally you should throw out mascara after about 3 to 4 months, foundations after one year (oil-based may last longer), 2 years for eyeliner and 2 years for lipstick. Bacteria can grow on products which is a concern, especially in those that are used around the eyes.

Keep lip balm or lipstick with moisturizer handy.

Winter weather tends to cause chapped and dry lips. Use moisturizer products with SPF protection to keep lips soft.

If you smoke, make your New Year’s Resolution to quit.

Smoking makes skin look dull because it reduces the oxygen to your skin. You may begin to notice the differences in how your skin look in just a few weeks after quitting.

Avoid rubbing your eyes.

When tires and stressed, you may automatically run your eyes but this makes your eyes look red and can stretch and irritate the skin around the eyes.

Don’t skip your skin care regimen.

It might save you a few minutes as you wish in between holiday activities, but in the end taking the time to follow through with cleansing, moisturizing and caring for your skin will pay off by keeping your skin looking younger and healthier.

Choose healthy foods.

Instead of reaching for that extra piece of candy or cake, grab some fruit or salad to help your skin looking healthy. What we eat impacts our overall health and the health of your skin is part of your overall health.

By: Eileen Bailey


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