Welcome to seasonal weather changes, is your skincare routine keeping up?

As the weather vacillates between cold, warm, humid, arid, and everything in-between, adjusting your skincare routine can be frustrating. Here we can give you some tips on how to navigate the seasonal changes and how you can adapt.

Add a serum between cleansing and moisturizing.

Our skincare routines start at inconvenient times of the day. Either it’s right before we hit the pillow at night, or while we are half-conscious wondering where our morning coffee is. This makes it hard when making adjustments to our routine, because we usually just want to cleanse, moisturize and go. When factoring in weather changes, adding a layer of a moisturizing serum between your cleanser and cream moisturizer can do a world of wonders for your skin.Most skin moisturizers are designed to condition the outside of the skin, making it soft and smooth, maybe a little brighter. However this doesn’t do much when you consider that the cell turnover in your skin occurs at a fairly fast rate. If you do not include a serum that can help the moisturizer penetrate the lipid layer of the skin, you are essentially applying expensive product on skin that sloughs off during the day, doing nothing for the emerging layer of skin cells beneath. Using a product like TresViva’s Serum with Stem Cell Cytokine Solution, increases the ability of your moisturizer to penetrate this lipid layer, nourishing the emerging cells. This Serum has nano-carriers that allow the solution to penetrate the lipid layer, allowing the Cytokine solution to absorb into the cell nursery layer - where the Cytonkines can benefit the skin the most. Adding this in-between your cleanser and moisturizer can enhance the benefits of your moisturizer and lock in moisture where you need it most.

Try an oil cleanser

To dissolve makeup and pollutants we collect on our skin throughout the day, try the oil cleansing method instead of your regular cleanser this winter. Cleansing your face the end of the day can mean scrubbing and extra rinsing to get all the makeup and pollutants dissolved. Try using an oil based cleanser, or the all natural olive or sunflower oil, to cleanse and dissolve makeup and dirt that has accumulated. Using oil instead of your regular cleanser can protect the lipid layer from drying while also adding more moisture protection for your beautiful skin.

Drink more water!

Studies have shown that during the winter months, staying hydrated can be a battle. Not only is the colder, dryer air sapping moisture from your skin, it steals hydration from inside your body. This cold air has little to no moisture, meaning that when it is breathed in, it is drying out all our bodily membranes including lungs, sinuses, lips, etc. Drinking water is the only way to effectively combat the dry air from the inside out. Water will not only help hydrate your skin, but it allows your body to send nutrients and moisture to the skin rather than other bodily membranes that need to stay hydrated as well.Using these tips can help you not only survive this seasonal change between Winter and Spring, but they can help you with your long-term skin goals. Our skin is literally the face we present to the world, and we are here to help you not only look your best, but achieve your best.